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We Sell All the Plants on This List

Arnica-Medicinal herb historically used topically to soothe muscle aches, reduce inflammation & heal wounds.

Basil-One of the most popular herbs with a wide variety of flavors. Use fresh or dried to flavor Italian foods, pesto, fish, poultry, rice, and vegetables.

     African Blue-Wonderful landscape plant with long-lasting flowers and purple-veined, dark green leaves.

     Blue Spice-Strong basil flavor with vanilla overtones.

     Cinnamon-Small to medium-sized, dark green leaves with a cinnamon-like taste and scent.

     Greek Columnar-Strong cinnamon and allspice scent.

     Green Pepper-Lavender flowers all season. Undertone of sweet bell pepper.

     Lemon-Small, light green leaves and a sweet lemony flavor and fragrance. Add to tea for a great taste.

     Lime-Unique lime flavor and scent. A great addition to fish, salads, and desserts.

     Purple Ruffles-Fragrant ruffled purple-black leaves add color and flavor to dishes.

     Spicy Globe-(Greek) Tiny flavorful leaves.

     Sweet-Prominently featured in Italian cuisine.

     Thai-Small leaves with a subtle licorice or mint flavor.

Bay Laurel-Flavorful leaves often used as a versatile kitchen spice.

Bloody Dock-Long, narrow, green leaves with blood-red veins. Add leaves to salads or blanch and eat like spinach.

Borage-Leaves have a mild cucumber flavor. Use in salads, sandwiches, or as a garnish.

Calendula-Medicinal herb historically used to make healing skin ointment. Long lasting orange blooms.

Catnip-Used for seasoning, in teas, and in cat toys.

Chamomille-Makes a popular soothing tea.

     German-Apple scented leaves.

     Roman-Great groundcover.

Chervil-Mild, sweet, anise-flavored leaves used in salads and as a garnish.

Chives-Exceptionally flavored greens flavor a variety of dishes. Blooms are also edible.

Cilantro-Leaves are known as cilantro and the edible seeds as coriander. Popular in Mexican and Asian dishes.

Comfrey-Uses include culinary, fragrance, and cosmetics.

Culantro-A flavorful substitute for Cilantro, used in Caribbean cuisine, including stews, soups, and beans.

Curry Plant-Strong, curry scent used to repel moths or in potpourri. Not used for cooking.

Cutting Celery-Leaves taste remarkably like celery and make a wonderful garnish.

Dill-Edible seeds and greens used to flavor many foods and to make pickles.

Epazote-Strongly scented seasoning for bean dishes, chili, and Mexican cuisine.

Eucalyptus-Used in fresh or dried floral arrangements.

Fennel, Bronze-Add leaves to salads, coleslaw, and dressings for added flavor; seeds are used in baking.

Fever Few-A medicinal herb historically used to treat headaches, arthritis, and fevers.

Fo-Ti-A medicinal herb native to China.

Germander-Used mainly as an edging plant or low clipped hedge. Used in knot and herbal gardens.

Gotu Kola-An Indian/Chinese medicinal plant.

Horehound-Used for making tea and candy to soothe coughs and colds.

Hyssop-Very fragrant flowers and leaves. Uses include fragrances, seasoning, and ornamental.

Lavender-A fragrant member of the mint family, used for cooking and in perfumes, soaps, oils, and sachets.

     Grosso-Cultivated for oil used in the cosmetic industry.

     Munstead-The classic, used in sachets and perfumes.

     Provence-Has a long flower wand good for drying.

Lemon Balm-Has a fresh lemon scent and flavor. Sprigs are used to top drinks and as garnishes. Fresh or dried leaves make a refreshing tea, dried leaves are used in potpourris, and the oil is used in perfume.

Lemon Grass-This native of India is widely used in Thai and Vietnamese cooking.

Lime Balm-Much like lemon balm, but with a burst of lime scent and flavor.

Lovage-With a scent and taste resembling celery, the leaves and seeds are often used as a seasoning.

Marjoram, Sweet-Adds zest to soups, stews, and salads.

Mint-Excellent in iced tea, cool summer drinks, and desserts, as a garnish for fruit salads, and much more.

     Apple-Used to make apple mint jelly and to flavor dishes.

     Banana-A distinct banana scent great in fruit salads.

     Blue Balsam-One of the best mints for tea.

     Chocolate-Use sprigs with ice cream and other desserts and in coffee for a great taste.

     Corsican-A small mint long used as flavoring for crème de menthe liqueur.

     Grapefruit-Citrusy sprigs make a flavorful addition to iced tea, sparkling water, and fruit salads.

     Kentucky Colonel-Use this to make an authentically perfect Mint Julep.

     Lavender-Has a subtle lavender minty aroma, used for herbal teas, cooking, and in potpourri.

     Sweet-lime taste used in candies and desserts.

     Mojito-Use this Cuban mint to make the authentic Mojito cocktail.

     Orange-Adds a flavorful orange taste to iced tea and fruit desserts.

     Pineapple-Smells like ripe pineapples. Its green and white variegated leaves make a showy garnish.

     White Peppermint-Makes a delicious tea. The oil is used as flavoring in a variety of foods and products.

Oregano-Adds aromatic flavor to a variety of dishes.

     Cuban-Used as a culinary seasoning in the Caribbean.

     Greek-Creates the unique dishes in Greek cuisine.

     Hot & Spicy-One of the hottest oreganos with an intense flavor that goes well in chili, salsa, and stews.

     Italian-A strong flavor similar to sweet marjoram.

     Variegated-A subtle, mild flavor.

Parsley-One of the most popular herbs.

     Curled-Typically used as a garnish.

     Italian (Flat Leaf)-Typically used as a seasoning.

Patchouli-Used as incense and as an insect repellent.

Pennyroyal-Useful as an insect repellent.

Rosemary-Foliage and flowers make an attractive ornamental plant as well as a flavorful culinary seasoning. Fresh and dried, it also has many cosmetic and medicinal uses.

     Golden Rain-Small, with bright yellow foliage.

     Pink-Upright, fine needle-like leaves, pink flowers.

     Salem-Upright, narrow dark green leaves, pale blue flowers. Branches make unique barbecue skewers.

     Tuscan Blue-Good vertical growth, dark green leaves, violet-blue flowers.

Rue-A medicinal or ornamental herb. Its foliage can cause skin irritation.

Sage-Many varieties provide flavoring to eggs, soups, meats, dressings, sauces, teas, and much more.

     Berggarten-An excellent culinary sage that produces an abundance of large, grey-green leaves and few blooms.

     Golden-Beautiful variegated leaves make a wonderful garnish in addition to culinary use.

     Pineapple-Pineapple scented leaves are used in fruit salads and drinks.

     Purple-Attractive purple-grey leaves.

     Tri-Color-Beautiful green, cream, and purple leaves.

     White-Native American incense herb.

Salad Burnet-Mild cucumber-flavored leaves used in salads. The unique leaf shape makes an interesting garnish.

Santolina-Used primarily as ornamental hedging in gardens, particularly in knot gardens.

     Green-Dense, round mound of green aromatic foliage and stems of tiny yellow blooms.

     Gray-Similar to Green, but with silvery-white foliage.

Savory-Peppery flavor adds spice to beans, cabbage, and sauerkraut.

     Summer-More delicate flavor than Winter.

     Winter-Green downy leaves and small purple flowers

Scented Geranium-Nostalgic scent plant. Useful as an insect repellent.

Shiso, Perilla-Distinct cinnamon, clove flavor used in oriental cooking, sushi, and salads.

Skull Cap-A medicinal herb.

Society Garlic-Garlic-tasting variegated leaves that won’t give you bad breath.

Sorrel-Leaves are a tangy addition to salads and main dishes.

Southernwood-Useful as a moth repellent.

Stevia-Incredibly sweet leaves are an alternative to sugar. Use fresh, dried, or as a liquid to sweeten foods and beverages.

Tarragon-Aromatic leaves enhance eggs, chicken, and fish dishes, and are used as a basis for salad dressings.

     French-Sweet licorice flavor. The main flavoring in classic French sauces.

     Mexican-Flavor is a bit spicier than that of French, having an accent of cinnamon.

Thyme-A classic culinary and ornamental herb.

     Caraway-Tiny green leaves with caraway scent.

     Doone Valley-Variegated green and gold foliage.

     English-Mounding grey-green leaves and lilac flowers.

     Lemon Variegated-Zesty lemon-citrus fragrance.

     Pink Creeping-Tiny green leaves and small pink blooms.

     Red Creeping-Many small blooms.

     Silver-Green and silver leaves and small pinkish blooms.

     Silver Edged-Mounding silver-edged, grey-green leaves.

     Wooly-Low, mat forming wooly evergreen leaves.

Valerian-Medicinal herb with fragrant flowers.

Verbena, Lemon-Strong lemon flavor great for teas.

Vervain, Blue-Native North American medicinal herb.

Vietnamese Coriander (Rau Ram)-Aromatic, flavorful leaves are a staple in Asian cuisine.

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